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Why Every Woman Should Plan Financially to Be Single, Even if she's not.
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The first step in the Plan Single process is to know what you have and where it is. Consolidate everything you need in one place.
  • Trying on the Life Vests

    Trying on the Life Vests

    If you have ever taken a cruise, you probably remember that the first ship-wide activity is to meet on deck for an orientation to lifeboats, personal flotation devices, and what will happen if there is an emergency on board. The cruise line wants to make sure that everyone will be okay no matter what happens. That’s the plan single philosophy. While the plan is that …Read More »
  • Using Socially Responsible Investing To Align Your Personal Values and Your Financial Goals

    Using Socially Responsible Investing To Align Your Personal Values and Your Financial Goals

    Is it possible to make the world a better place while also saving for your financial future? The answer is yes, thanks to an investment discipline known as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Investors who adopt an SRI approach to investing seek to achieve competitive financial returns while also avoiding companies that conflict with their personal values. The term SRI is sometimes used interchangeably with “sustainable …Read More »
  • Plan Single and the Blended Family

    Plan Single and the Blended Family

    Whether your financial baggage is a carry-on or steamer trunk, you will each now join or reconfigure your investment systems to fit your newly blended life. The vows are the easy part; the merging of his, mine and our money not so much.Read More »
  • Overcoming What is Holding You Back From Taking Control of Your Finances

    Overcoming What is Holding You Back From Taking Control of Your Finances

    Back in the days of 1950’s TV shows like Father Knows Best and Leave It to Beaver, women were often relegated to the role homemakers. Men were the primary breadwinners and managed the family finances. In some cases, women were only allowed a small weekly allowance for food shopping and personal expenditures. Today, more women are earning college degrees than men are and as a …Read More »
  • Three’s the Charm

    Three’s the Charm

    Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. We’ve all heard that diversifying our investment portfolio is the number one risk management rule, right? A combination of different investments, Canadian, US, International stocks, bonds, GICs, Gold, real estate, even infrastructure, we put them together so that when one area struggles, another part of the portfolio will help offset, or minimize the losses to the overall portfolio.  If diversification is your …Read More »
  • Lynn Martin – INTERVIEW with the Authors of Bank On Yourself

    WHY WOMEN NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THEIR MONEY Listen to the interview here: iheartradioRead More »
  • Women Have an Investing Edge, But They Don’t Know It

    Women Have an Investing Edge, But They Don’t Know It

    The good—but not well-known—news is that women tend to be better at saving and investing than men are. These findings came to light in a Fidelity Investments study of eight million retirement accounts in the U.S.Read More »
  • Grab The Keys To Your Financial Bus

    Grab The Keys To Your Financial Bus

    A recent UBS survey found that 58% of the wealthy women around the world that they surveyed defer to the men in their lives on important financial decisions.  Unfortunately 74% of divorced and widowed women they surveyed reported “discovering negative financial surprises after a divorce or death of their spouse.”[1] In many partnered relationships or marriages, it’s common for one person to act as the …Read More »
  • Why You Need to “Plan Single”

    Why You Need to “Plan Single”

    In most long-term relationships, the partners divvy up the various responsibilities that go along with managing a household. Often, one person takes the lead on food shopping and cooking, while the other may manage the lion’s share of home maintenance and landscaping projects. But when it comes to managing investments, it’s more common for men to take the lead and for women to be left …Read More »
  • Bridging The Confidence Divide

    Bridging The Confidence Divide

    When it comes to managing your investments, confidence can provide the power you need to overcome negative emotions that can hold you back from achieving your goals. Unfortunately, many women experience an “investing confidence gap” when compared to men. According to a study commissioned by Merrill Lynch, women tend to be highly confident about their ability to manage day-to-day financial tasks, such as paying bills …Read More »
  • Coping With a 40% Drop in Income in Widowhood

    Coping With a 40% Drop in Income in Widowhood

    That phrase ‘till death do us part’ slips under the radar when we take our marriage vows. We’re too busy looking lovingly at each other to wonder if ‘happily ever after’ will be as long we hoped. Yet life, even for the young and seemingly invincible, can have other plans. Losing a spouse is sadder, harder and lonelier than we could ever imagine. In fact, …Read More »
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Plan

    ‘Til Death Do Us Plan

    Mary and Dave Swan were happily married and looking forward to retirement. They had saved diligently and when Dave was offered a package to retire early, they were in great shape to be able to accept. Dave left his company, and he and Mary started enjoying their new life, being more active, spending time with friends and family, and planning an extended trip to experience …Read More »
  • Plan Single…. Even if You’re Not

    Plan Single…. Even if You’re Not

    90% of women end up responsible for their own finances later on in life. Whether married or on their own, part of every woman’s financial plan needs a scenario where she plans single. Now, before we go too far, let me be clear.  This is not about planning apart.  Rather, this is about planning for each other.  It’s about caring for your partner’s long term …Read More »