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Why Every Woman Should Plan Financially to Be Single, Even if she's not.
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  • International Women’s Day, Financial Literacy Book Event

    International Women’s Day, Financial Literacy Book Event

      Let’s come together to share our common experiences, work together, learn from one another and set a course of action. Together we can manage! Those in attendance will receive a free copy of McCormick’s and Harrison’s book, Bank on Yourself: Why every woman should plan financially to be single even if she’s not. Don’t forget to register to reserve your seat.Read More »
  • The RRSP Isn’t Your Only Retirement Account

    The RRSP Isn’t Your Only Retirement Account

    It’s that time of year in Canada where we are inundated with advertisements and reminders to make your RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contributions.    But is making an RRSP contribution the right thing for you?  While saving for tomorrow is always a good idea, depending on your personal circumstances, saving into your RRSP may not be the best (or only) place to save. In the …Read More »
  • Closing the Gap

    Closing the Gap

    The wage gap costs women – it costs women today and it costs us long term.  It is a major hurdle we need to overcome as we work to achieve a lifetime of financial independence.   While we could sit back and wait for society to catch up, we could also choose to be proactive.  Being proactive means effectively communicating your worth and navigating difficult conversations.   …Read More »
  • Mind the Gap… It might cost you

    Mind the Gap… It might cost you

    While general financial planning principles apply equally to men and women, the circumstances we face are different. One of those circumstances is the wage gap. Across all education categories, fields and experience levels, women earn less than men. On many levels this hurts. I remember early in my career, very quickly I was given more and more responsibility as the organization I worked for went …Read More »
  • The Elephant in the Room

    The Elephant in the Room

    Let’s face it, if there is one area of life that we simply have no interest in talking about, it’s the end of life. And while we may not wish to discuss the topic, advancements in modern medicine and its ability to help us live longer, means more issues to consider, decisions to make, and room for serious unintended consequences. The result of burying our …Read More »