Bank on Yourself is for every woman who has to manage her finances completely on her own.

Whether by choice or by circumstance.

A growing number of women are, or will be, single for a significant part of their life or for their entire lifetime; and single women are one of the most financially vulnerable groups in retirement.

In fact, 90 percent of all women will need to manage their own finances at some point during their life. This book is for all the women who have to or choose to, go it alone in life – whether they are single due to divorce, widowhood, never having married, or because they have chosen the single life.

The point is, whether you are currently single, or are in a situation where you could be once again, you need to be informed about your finances and to plan financially for life on your own – to feel confident in your financial position, to ensure you have choices and options, and to secure your financial future.

Bank on Yourself goes beyond the numbers to cover diverse subjects, such as how to:

  • build confidence when it comes to your money
  • develop a supportive network
  • create a vision and plan for your future
  • save and budget successfully
  • protect yourself
  • generate and manage multiple sources of income

No matter your age or stage, achieving financial independence is possible with good planning, and this book will help to get you there.

About the Authors:

Leslie McCormick is a Senior Wealth Advisor at a leading Canadian Wealth Management firm, where she advises a large range of clients. She is especially passionate about helping women achieve confidence in their finances. She is a regular financial contributor to Zoomer Radio’s From a Woman’s Perspective, and a regular speaker for CARP Toronto and other organizations.

Ardelle Harrison: While working full time, she created multiple streams of income by becoming a real estate investor and part-time entrepreneur which financed her advanced education, her dreams of traveling the globe, plus an active and busy retirement.

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