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  • 7 Questions For Prioritizing Your Finances

    7 Questions For Prioritizing Your Finances

    What is it that is important to you?   What are the relationships, the interests and goals that bring you joy?   These elements, when placed at the center of a financial plan, can have a profound impact on one’s motivation to participate in financial conversation, decision making, and investing.  When we can articulate what matters most, suddenly there is purpose in why we spend, save, invest, …Read More »
  • Why Plan Single?

    Why Plan Single?

    For those who are single today, they are most likely already planning for their current single state.  That is an advantage.  You see, they are already planning to overcome the financial challenges that are the realities of being single.  One person to earn an income, one person to pay the bills, the mortgage, and to save.   One person who may or may not have a …Read More »
  • Willful Neglect

    Willful Neglect

    “If you die without signing your will in this country, you leave chaos behind you. The lack of clarity intensifies bereavement and pitches family members into a cauldron of legal dictates. Bank accounts are frozen, cards unusable, cash inaccessible. If your partner dies intestate, it makes normal life almost impossible to retrieve….”   Danae Brook Danae Brook is a widow whose husband died without a will.  …Read More »
  • There’s No Rush

    There’s No Rush

    Do you know the feeling of being overwhelmed?  So many things to do, so many choices – should I do this, or perhaps that would be better?   Many times, it is during times of uncertainty, of change, that we can become overwhelmed.   And it is preciously in times like this, that people are at risk of making regrettable decisions that can lead to the loss …Read More »
  • Portion Control – The tricky matter of who owns what

    Portion Control – The tricky matter of who owns what

    “Portion” – it might just be the most important word when it comes to money matters.  Especially to the topic of how couples should organize financial ownership.  I’m often asked things like, should all our accounts be joint?  The subject of joint accounts is always a hot topic in focus groups and interviews I conduct.  Always single, single again, partnered, it doesn’t matter, everyone has …Read More »