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  • Keeping Your World Big

    Keeping Your World Big

    I was speaking with a neighbour recently.   She and her husband retired within the past few years and they are looking forward to winter this year with apprehension.   Usually, they would participate in some social winter sports.   But, due to COVID, where they usually play their sport of choice has canceled its season.   Usually, they would be preparing to go on a trip right about …Read More »
  • Plan Single Retirement Challenges

    Plan Single Retirement Challenges

    Whether you are single for your entire retirement, or for part of your retirement, there are several challenges that the financially single woman faces as a result of being single.  With proper consideration and some advanced planning, these challenges can be mitigated, and even overcome. Solo Decision Making:  On the plus side, you largely can make decisions to please yourself and your needs.   You don’t …Read More »
  • A Financial Communities Blind Spot: Retirement Risks Couples Face

    A Financial Communities Blind Spot: Retirement Risks Couples Face

    When it comes to planning for retirement, there are the risks everyone faces, the risks that married / committed couples face and the risks single people face.  Funny thing is, the financial community typically just focuses on the first set of risks – those that everyone faces.   And yet, by completely ignoring the risks that martial status brings to the table – they fail to …Read More »
  • Your kids are grown and gone – don’t cancel the life insurance!

    Your kids are grown and gone – don’t cancel the life insurance!

    Many couples streamline their spending as they prepare to move into retirement. That’s a good thing. And sometimes leads to one of the biggest mistakes couples make. The enthusiasm for ditching many unnecessary expenses accumulated over their family years can diminish the thought about what to keep. And high on the list is life insurance. The kids are grown and gone, college is paid for. …Read More »
  • What’s mine is mine

    What’s mine is mine

    When it comes to the finances of committed couples, what works for both of you also needs to work for each of you.   And sometimes there is conflict between the two.  Read More »