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  • Romance Scam

    Romance Scam

     By aiming for the heart, romance scams are hugely profitable for fraudsters. It is believed that only somewhere between 5 and 15% of victims of fraud report it.Read More »
  • When Safe isn’t Safe at All

    When Safe isn’t Safe at All

    Safe.   I’ve been thinking about that word a lot lately.  It’s probably one of the most commonly used words these days.   Emails and conversations now end with wishes that you “keep safe”.  Companies no longer advertise their products or services, but rather what they are doing to keep their customers “safe” as they encourage you to come back.  Webster’s Dictionary defines the word safe as …Read More »
  • Debt: Your path to riches, or ruin?

    Debt: Your path to riches, or ruin?

    Used wisely, debt can be a very powerful tool to building wealth.Read More »
  • Not Now

    Not Now

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by too many decisions, ideas, or “to-dos” running through your head?   Life changes like retirement can bring big decisions like moving.   Selling a business may lead to decisions like starting another company, going to work in another capacity, retiring, buying a new home, or relocating.  Other major life changes that require decisions include divorce, widowhood, winning the lottery, an athlete …Read More »
  • Securing Your Income

    Securing Your Income

    Financially, there are upsides to being single – if you want to spend it, it’s yours to spend. You don’t need to consider someone else’s preferences. If you want to retire in a certain area, you can choose to do so. If a better job opportunity presents itself across the country, you don’t have to consider the impact on someone else’s career. There are also …Read More »