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  • What’s mine is mine

    What’s mine is mine

    When it comes to the finances of committed couples, what works for both of you also needs to work for each of you.   And sometimes there is conflict between the two.  Read More »
  • When Couple’s Retirement Spending Isn’t Equal

    When Couple’s Retirement Spending Isn’t Equal

    It happens all the time.   You go through career changes, family changes, changes with income, health, housing, and friends, there are ups and downs along the way, but you are working towards eventual retirement and the goal is simply to be able to retire.   But you arrive on the doorstep of retirement, perhaps you sit down with an advisor and they start asking questions about …Read More »
  • There Are Consequences

    There Are Consequences

    I was the guest speaker at an event for a ladies group and, as I always do, I took time for questions at the end.   One of the participants we will call Abby, bravely shared her story with the group.  She was in her mid-60s, had divorced many years ago, and raised her children as a single parent.   Abby told us that as soon as …Read More »
  • Gender Gap: Women Need to Save More Than Men for Retirement

    Gender Gap: Women Need to Save More Than Men for Retirement

    Eight percent more of income every working year in fact.    TIAA, a Fortune 100 financial services organization, studied the gap in savings needed for men and women and in their Gender Retirement Gap report.  They found that from graduation to retirement, for men and women to retire as equally well off as one another, men need to save 10% of their income, while women need …Read More »
  • Better Health Has Implications for Wealth

    Better Health Has Implications for Wealth

    “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”   Eubie Blake, Composer If only we knew how long we would live.   How long we live is one of the critical pieces of information for retirement planning.   The longer we live, the more years we need to financially plan for and the more money we need to …Read More »