Don’t Give in to the Devil’s Biggest Lie

Have you ever regretted a financial decision that was the direct result of pressure?     The pressure sale is truly an art and for generations has proven to be highly effective… for the salesperson.  But for the consumer trying to avoid financial regrets, remember my mother-in-law’s wise quote: “The Devil’s biggest lie is that this is your last chance”.

Think about it, how many times have you seen a “last call” type sale where you can get up to 50% off, only to walk by the same store the next weekend and suddenly it is up to 75% off.  Sure it was your last chance to get those items at 50% off, but I’d take 75% off over 50% off in a heartbeat. Now, it may not matter so much dollar-wise if it is a relatively small purchase, but what if it is a big purchase?  Suddenly we are talking a lot of dollars difference, or a major commitment in time until you can get out of it.  All because we thought it was our last chance.

Everyone is always at risk of giving in to the Devil’s biggest lie.  But when are we at the biggest risk of the pressure sale?  Usually, it is during time of transition in life – perhaps going through a divorce, or being widowed.  Perhaps it is at a time when you have come into money and haven’t had a lot of money before.   These times of life change can make us especially vulnerable to the pressure sale, or the “this is your last chance” on this great price, this fantastic investment, real estate property or other “opportunity”. Generally speaking, during such times we aren’t thinking as clearly as we normally would. They may be decisions we’ve never been solely responsible for, or we are feeling overwhelmed by everything that is changing in life and in the moment the decision simply takes one thing off our plate today.   Unfortunately, it is those very decisions that can create a long-term problem and regret.

The best thing any consumer can do is simply take time – time to really think is this the right purchase or am I making it because I think it might be the last chance? For those who are going through a major life transition, taking time also usually means being able to make better decisions at a time you are able to make proactive decisions, rather than reactionary or even impulsive ones.    For bigger purchases, taking time allows you to do your homework.  Make sure the fit is right for what you are looking for.  And if it means passing up this supposed great opportunity, let me assure you, there will always be another chance.   By taking time, doing your research and really think about what you are looking for and what your needs are in this purchase, when the right opportunity comes along you can make the decision with much greater confidence.

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